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L.W.G. EGYPT S.A.E ( Company”, “we”,or “us”) offers much different software’s, courses and even live training to students each of which has their own refund policies.
يقدم موقع®
العديد من البرامج المختلفة ، والدورات التدريبية ، وحتى التدريب المباشر للطلاب وللكل منها سياسات  خاصة بها

Because of the nature of this product, we can’t provide refunds .

Courses, Workshops, and Training Due to the nature of our Courses, Workshops, and Training, we do not offer any money-back guarantee and no refunds will be issued. The prices of our Workshops are intentionally kept low compared to market value in order to make them accessible to a wide audience.

Immediately upon signup, you have access to knowledge and training that will immediately provide you with the value advertised in that particular Course, Workshop, or Training.

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